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Monday, October 10, 2011

Green Lifestyle Starting From Yourself

Did you know that the powerful smell of garlic to repel mosquitoes? In India, there is a topical oil containing 1% garlic extract to prevent mosquito and insect bites that can last up to 8 hours. Even the oil extract of garlic was able to kill mosquito larvae because it contains sulfur.

Other evidence to say, when eating garlic, mosquitoes will not bite us. The reason, substances in garlic that metabolism in the body will reach the skin and respiratory organs. Although difficult to detect, it turns out mosquitoes use smell before biting. Of carbon dioxide and lactic, and the smell of sulfur is removed through breathing in those who ate garlic can be smelled by mosquitoes from a distance of 36 m so that mosquitoes are reluctant to bite.

However, it should be reminded, garlic supplements should not be given to pregnant women, breast-feeding, anemic, or people who are facing surgery. Because garlic can thin the blood.



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