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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Garmin Mobile PC v5.00.50 & v5.00.60

Garmin Mobile PC - Versions v5.00.50 & v5.00.60

Download Link: Garmin Mobile PC v5.00.60

Download Link: Garmin Mobile PC v5.00.50

Changes made from version 5.00.50 to 5.00.60:
*Provide highlight on the first item in the address list by default when using address wizard.
*Add new saved location to recently found list after edits are completed.
*Correct intersection search capability.
*Correct safety camera capability.
*Correct various software errors that could cause application to shutdown.
*Correct route overview fields after adding via points.

Changes made from version 5.00.30 to 5.00.50:
*Update GPS connection processing for some third party GPS drivers.
*Update COM port searches and display listings.
*Correct the display of the last selection in Fuel Prices if viewed after a Sort is completed.
*Correct the product key entry processing when not connected to the Internet.
*Correct default button highlighting when viewing nearby airports and Contacts.
*Correct default button highlighting when paging up/down on some list fields.
*Correct default button highlighting within address wizard.
*Correct distance display for airports that are thousands of miles away.
*Correct reorder via page to display numbers correctly.
*Correct application error when displaying detour by turns page before having a GPS position.
*Correct default button highlighting when returning to the Main Menu page.
*Correct application error when selecting point information in the Browse Map page.

For more info:

The software dont come with no maps. Very easy to install just as if you was installing it on a Garmin XT. I can use my Bluetooth dongle and connect to my GPS. The maps are the same as Garmin XT as in .img format


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