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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5 Questions are hated by the men

Good communication is the key of a relationship. Talking about relationships between couples, most women generally want to know everything what was her partner thinking. The secret is often considered a small enemy that can separate the relationship.

In reality, it is very important for couples to have their own private world of good thoughts, feelings and boundaries. What should be done for a man woman comfortable in the relationship? Start avoid the following questions:

Is he attracted to other women?
Do not try to ask this question. Some women still asks her partner if he is interested in another woman or not? A man who admitted to not pay attention, to feel something other women do not turn it on a man weak and a lie. Nothing wrong with men watching and admiring other women do not deviate so far.

What happened in past relationships?
Some women become obsessed with finding all the past couple of things about them. They should know whether their partner happy with a former girlfriend or wife or even vice versa. There is no obligation to investigate this problem other than you might pay attention to his past experience. Remember, he might have changed a lot and learn from mistakes. Try not to bring up past mistakes because he might have wanted to forget.

Where and how relationships work?
Many women who can not wait to find out how far their relationship. They want to know how their partner feels the relationship so asked him to tell. The problem, as this discussion makes many men depressed and anxious and this question seems unclear and perhaps he does not understand what is actually being asked.

What is being contemplated? (usually asked while in bed)
Some women want to make sure whether their partner is thinking about himself in bed. This is a complicated question. Although he loved and very happy, normal for men to imagine another person during sexual intercourse. This is not because he was not there with you. This means he makes the experience enjoyable for himself in many ways.

Is he more comfortable with friends in the appeal with me?
Many women become possessive of their partners attention. Women want to be included in each activity as evidence of the couple loved him. And if a man went with his friends, they asked if he enjoyed more or less time than spend time at home. Actually, men need time with friends theme, no matter how much he loves you. Loving that actually means allow it relates because he also needs someone else in his life.

By seeing how the reaction of a man is liable to answer than 5 women to know, whether this man deserves to be my life companion. Hopefully the men can also learn to be ready to accept the questions as above.


Anonymous said...

i hate question number 3...:(

funemc said...

soory forget to give my name, link back gain ....

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