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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Best Way To Extend Notebook Battery

Notebook or the more commonly known as the laptop is now no longer a scarce item, especially for students and practitioners of work. Almost everyone has had these battery-powered mobile computers. Batteries to be one of the most important part of the laptop because it is very necessary if we are mobile and there is no power source around us at that time. Here are practical tips how to keep our laptop battery to remain durable and not easily damaged:

1.  Do not put put on the thigh
Using a notebook in a way put on the thigh can clog the vent fan laptop so the laptop and the battery becomes hot quickly. This was compounded by our body temperature is too warm. Excessive heat causes the cells of our laptop batteries become damaged quickly.

2. Do not use the notebook on a sofa or carpet or other soft spot.
If you want to use the notebook in place of the above, use a hard base. Because if not then the laptop will experience overheating due to blockage of the hole ventilation by the carpet.

3. Always check the cleanliness of the battery.
Clean is always dust on the battery contacts or metals that exist, must be no paper clips or other metals that can connect the contact. If it happens might laptops and batteries we have a short relationship. Even the smallest dust that could potentially make the battery connector corroded and rusted metal.

4. Never use the charger at random.
If a laptop charger is broken, do not ever use the charger is not compatible with our laptops. At least we do not use the charger from a different laptop brands, though the situation was an emergency. Since each charger and battery current and voltage have the character of its own-self. Wearing an incompatible charger can make your laptop battery is easily damaged even be hot and explodes.

5. Avoid shock, pressure or hard impact on the battery or the laptop.

6. Do not put the laptop in hot, like in the sun and so on.

7. Do not use a laptop in a place that is too moist or wet.
It is feared is the presence of water that could damage circuits and our laptop batteries. Always keep our laptops from the water or excessive heat.

8. Carefully read the manual book.
Some brands laptops have special rules regarding their products. Read the manual book of your laptop and make sure we make it as a guideline usage.

9. Do not be too long to charge the battery.
Make sure you disconnect your charger if the battery is full. Do not be too long to charge the battery if it is full, let alone to be left to sleep, it can accelerate the age of cells that exist in your notebook battery.


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