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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Positive Parenting Tips

You as a parent would want to give the best for children is not it? However, do you wonder if the application of parenting that you apply for it was wrong even tend to be negative?

Parents must crave a healthy and intelligent child. They can grow to the height and weight according to age. Similarly with the intelligence. Many parents in various ways and effort trying to stimulate his intellect so extraordinary. In addition to a healthy and intelligent, in fact there are things more important. That is how caring for children so that they also grew cheerful, comfortable, strong physically and mentally, and emotionally intelligent and spiritual.

In essence, all parents have good intentions in caring for their children. Only, sometimes what they do not fit with the stages of child development. It's known because there is no school to become a parent. Naturally if there are several ways to teach parents to apply the wrong or negative approach of raising and educating children. For example, to frighten, scold, threaten, or compare one with another child.

But whether they know the wishes of children? Or do they ever ask what their children want? Is this success to long-term or short term? Research shows that every day 432 children hear negative words and hear only 32 positive words. The result, 8 out of 10 children suffered psychological impact of this approach and it is difficult to get up and perform.

Book Six Pillars of Positive Parenting can be a guide for you as parents to be more wise in understanding the child's condition. Books written by Hannah Muchtar Darta (emotional parenting consultant) explains how the role of parents should be. Do not be too many children because it would prohibit hamper the potential of children and affect their future.

There are five approaches that parents should be run by wise and best business:

    1. Understanding and confidence in the paradigm of positive parenting.
    2. Understanding the redefinition of success that all children are winners.
    3. Starting the role of parents in accordance with the stages of child development.
    4. Building a positive relationship with the child.
    5. Understanding children to explore all the potential that exists within her intelligence is determined by a holistic, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual.

In parenting there are six pillars that are expected to be applied by parents:

    1. The importance of good cooperation between both parents (parenting partnership.)
    2. Fondling an important foundation in parenting.
    3. Apply rules and agreements consistently.
    4. Understand the negative emotions since early childhood.
    5. The importance of positive language style for the child physically and emotionally healthy.
    6. Parenting without punishment.

With this references are expected to give positive energy to encourage the parents to practice parenting in each stage of child development. The long-term, will emerge a new generation of positive character who are able to do positive for the environment.



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