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Friday, May 20, 2011

Pipe Bomb Teror in Jakarta

Jakarta - Cirebon City Police Headquarters today, will showcase 10 suspected perpetrators of suicide bombings linked in Masjid Ad Dzikra. The suspect at 10 this afternoon will be directly taken to the Mako Brimob Kelapa Dua, Depok, West Java.

"We show the 10 suspects and degree of evidence," said Head of the Department of Public Information Joey Boy Amar at Police Headquarters in Cirebon, West Java, on Thursday
The suspects were arrested in some places are 16 suspects, but which exhibited only 10 suspects. Three suspects arrested in Depok already in Rutan Mako Kelapa Dua. Meanwhile, M Sharif, Sigit Qordawi and Hendro been killed. "Today is all sent to Jakarta," he said.

Appear to be present in the resort town of Cirebon Police Headquarters spokesman Inspector General Kadiv Anton Bahrul Alam, Head of Police Headquarters,

Police Grand Commissioner Joey Boy Amar, Director of Repression Peter Golose BNPT, and the police chief Eddie Suheri AKBP Cirebon. Until 12.30 pm news conference has not been held.

Cirebon - Police Headquarters Officer said there were 15 pipe bombs are still looking for the terrorist network associated Cirebon. It is still investigating other targets of the bomb.
"Anywhere not know yet," said Police Grand Commissioner Joey Boy Amar in Cirebon. Boy says, the terrorist network Cirebon assert themselves against the government. "(Target) security forces. Its main target is the police it's self," he explained.
Inspector General of Police Headquarters Kadivhumas Anton Bachrul Alam said Cirebon network closely associated with terrorism in Indoneisa series which reached daulah Islamiyah. Suicide bombers in the Mosque of Muhammad Sharif Astanagarif Dzikro Az (32) and his group have set up 22 bomb vest. Until now the police are still searching for 15 bomb vest, prepared by the group.
"M Sharif along with 15 other suspects have made 22 bomb vest in two places, namely in-law's house M Sharif in Majalengka and Adriana Isaac rented house in Cirebon," said Anton.
Anton said, each vest filled with seven to eight pipe bombs. One bomb had been detonated vests M Sharif when committing suicide and seven other bombs had been found.
"The remaining 15 vest bomb still searching right now," said former police chief of this East Java.


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